Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Pair of Front Doors for my Daughter

My daughter and her family have returned from years of living overseas to reside in Portland.

I am thrilled. 

I designed a pair of doors for her new house that are eight feet tall, five feet wide, and two and a quarter inches thick. 

Lang, my daughter, and I designed a family crest in the style of a Japanese Komen. 

This is what we developed. The idea was to carve it into the center panel on both sides of each door.

It's getting exciting!

After hours of carving and fussing I was able to assemble the doors.  Here they are leaning against the wall in my shop.

Here they are with a finish on them. I opted for a delicate oil finish on the interior (shown here) and a bulletproof exterior finish that is almost clear with a bit of orange / brown pigment.
I started these doors in September and here it is February and they are ready to install.
I'll send pictures of the final installation.