Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Art Studio For Patricia

Patricia is an artist in many media although glass & fiber occupy her primarily. She is a constant creative delightful person. When we first met she told me she wanted to recreate her longtime home into an artspace inspired by spirit and whimsy. The original house had become, for her, profoundly dreary - a northwest ranch style built in the mid seventies.

Working together, we designed an upstairs studio with a second floor porch large enough for her to comfortably install her harness loom, all sheltered by a large dramatic sweeping new roof.

On the south we designed and built a large array of arched topped windows.

At a later date Patricia plans to create glass panels that fit into these frames.

he doors onto the porch and the porch ceiling itself also have the same characteristic re curving form. In clear vertical grain fir they ar
e stunning. Seen from the outside the upstairs windows were combined with the lower level studio window array to create a single effect.

Downstairs the garage got a new array of windows on the south wall, and an entry area that allows for a stairway up to the studio and a newer all glass overhead door. The garage turned studio will be used for wet work like felting.

Patricia teaches quite a lot and so these studios were designed to be accessible without entry into her home.

On the outside, seen from the west, the upstairs covered porch roof sweeps down to a gracefully curved termination. The trellis for the living room gives the roof line one last bounce.

Here are a few more views of this project:

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